Example of APA Style: Survey

If you’re referring to your own survey (and its results), you don’t normally need to use a formal APA Style citation. What you do instead depends on which of the following is true:

The survey/results are in an appendix

In this case, just refer to the appendix that contains the survey.

Example: Referencing a survey in the appendix

The survey asked respondents… (Appendix 1).

Overall, the survey showed that men more often… (Appendix 1).

The survey/results are not in an appendix

Since you can’t refer to an appendix, you should instead refer to a “personal communication”. Using this term indicates that the survey/results are not available to third parties – including the reader.

Personal communication
APA FormatNot included in the literature list.
In the literature listNot included in the literature list.
In the text
  • The survey showed that… (B. Swaen, personal communication, November 3, 2016).

We recommend that you always include your survey and its results in an appendix. If that isn’t possible for some reason, you can avoid having to use “personal communication” by going for the Intranet solution.

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AppsBlendle-article/ Newspaper article (internet)
BookCommercial Radio/TV
Conference paperDictionary
Dissertation of another studentE-book
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Internal documents (Intranet)Internet article
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Newspaper article (offline)Oration
Personal communicationPhoto/ Image
Press releaseRadio/Tv-show
Statistic databaseTwitter
Scientific (journal) article for publicationSurvey
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