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Example afterword

I found writing this dissertation to be both interesting and instructive. I am very proud of the results I have accomplished and am pleased to complete my project.

The plan I had originally conceived in January changed during the course of my dissertation process. Instead of conducting a quantitative study, I ended up conducting a qualitative one. The interviews undertaken during the research have revealed to P & S exactly what the respondents consider to be important. The results that have emerged from the interviews are very interesting for P & S and now stand ready to be implemented within the company.

It was hard for me to let go of my original plans, as qualitative research was uncharted territory for me. My supervisor, Mr. Spector, was nevertheless able to convince me that the research had to go in this new direction. Fortunately, I believed him. I have learned a great deal from both undertaking and processing the qualitative research. In addition, I have learned not to be afraid of unfamiliar terrain, as this is precisely where one learns the most.

Within P & S, the next step will be to implement the results of this dissertation. I have been asked to help them with this process and look forward to working with them starting from September.

Mike Ross

Tilburg, July 2014

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