How high should your Originality Score be?

Every form of plagiarism is a violation of the law. This means that only a 100% Originality Score is supposed to be good enough. However, in practice this is not entirely true.

Ephorus also finds similarities that are not forms of plagiarism. For example, a similarity in your references. Obviously, such a similarity in your reference list is no plagiarism.

This means that a percentage of 95% can also be sufficient, although whether you can be satisfied with 95% depends on the kinds of similarities found by the Check.

Percentage barometer


Many universities set the limit at 95%. If you have a 95% score or higher, your assessor will most likely not look for plagiarism in your document. If you are below 95% the risk is higher that you have actually plagiarized. This means that your assessor will also be more likely to take a closer look at your document.

Do you score lower than 90%? In this case, there is a big chance that you have actually plagiarized. For every phrase for which similarities are found, you will have to find out if you are truly plagiarizing. Use the roadmap from the guide to quickly answer the following questions: