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We started in 2012 with a tiny team and one editor. Now, we are a strong, experienced, international team with more than 700 editors working across the globe. Every day, we work hard to help students achieve academic writing success with our award-winning Proofreading Services, Plagiarism Checker, APA Citation Generator and Knowledge Base.

The team

We make sure everything goes smoothly. We answer your questions, find the best editor for your paper and guarantee the high quality of our services.

Luuk Witteveen Luuk Witteveen - gif
Luuk Witteveen

Dutch Support

Stefan Boersma Stefan Boersma - gif
Stefan Boersma

Finance Director

Raimo Streefkerk Raimo Streefkerk - gif
Raimo Streefkerk

Online Growth Marketer –

José Francisco de Melo Neto José Francisco de Melo Neto - gif
José Francisco de Melo Neto

Back-end Developer

Jessica Freund Jessica Freund - gif
Jessica Freund

German Support

Rinus van Grunsven Rinus van Grunsven - gif
Rinus van Grunsven

Junior Finance Assistant

Nathalie Rubinstein Nathalie Rubinstein - gif
Nathalie Rubinstein

German Support

Olivia von Greve-Dierfeld Olivia von Greve-Dierfeld - gif
Olivia von Greve-Dierfeld

German Support

Martijn Smit Martijn Smit - gif
Martijn Smit

Head of Engineering

Kathrin Wall Kathrin Wall - gif
Kathrin Wall

German Support

Tobias Solis Tobias Solis - gif
Tobias Solis

German Content Manager

Pauline Rigal Pauline Rigal - gif
Pauline Rigal

Internal Communications Manager

Samantha Mendaros Samantha Mendaros - gif
Samantha Mendaros

English Quality Manager

Alice Camus Alice Camus - gif
Alice Camus

French Support

Noa Welling Noa Welling  - gif
Noa Welling

Dutch Customer Support

Julia Merkus Julia Merkus - gif
Julia Merkus

Lead Content Manager

Jean Vasconcelos Jean Vasconcelos - gif
Jean Vasconcelos

Back-end Developer

Estephan Estephan - gif


Marta Menge Marta Menge - gif
Marta Menge

German Support

Alina Fritzler Alina Fritzler - gif
Alina Fritzler

German Support

Laetitia Kinsumba Laetitia Kinsumba - gif
Laetitia Kinsumba

German Support

Victoria Mrosek Victoria Mrosek - gif
Victoria Mrosek

Head of Operations

Lysanne Prins Lysanne Prins - gif
Lysanne Prins

Support Operations Manager

Adi Anghel Adi Anghel - gif
Adi Anghel

WordPress Developer

Vera Eberle Vera Eberle - gif
Vera Eberle

German Support

Eline van der Beek Eline van der Beek - gif
Eline van der Beek

Dutch Support

Jelle Velseboer Jelle Velseboer - gif
Jelle Velseboer

Dutch Customer Support

Gabriella Cantote Gabriella Cantote - gif
Gabriella Cantote

French Support

Dora Papadopoulou Dora Papadopoulou - gif
Dora Papadopoulou

Intern People Operations

Tatiana Balanici Tatiana Balanici - gif
Tatiana Balanici

Front-end Developer

Koen Driessen Koen Driessen - gif
Koen Driessen

Co-founder and CMO/CTO

Jimi Cornelisse Jimi Cornelisse - gif
Jimi Cornelisse

Business Development, QA Tester

Eden Wudufanta Eden Wudufanta - gif
Eden Wudufanta

Dutch Support

Sophia Lopez Sophia Lopez - gif
Sophia Lopez


Louise Klapwijk Louise Klapwijk - gif
Louise Klapwijk

Dutch Customer Support

Sander Jonker Sander Jonker - gif
Sander Jonker

Full Stack Engineer

Tim Appels Tim Appels - gif
Tim Appels

Dutch Support

Tegan George Tegan George - gif
Tegan George

English Content Manager

Manon Minassian Manon Minassian - gif
Manon Minassian

French Customer Support

Patryk Uran Patryk Uran - gif
Patryk Uran

Front-end Developer

Liv Künne Liv Künne - gif
Liv Künne

German Support

Jack Caulfield Jack Caulfield - gif
Jack Caulfield

English Content Writer

Dario Sciascia Dario Sciascia - gif
Dario Sciascia

German Support

Thom Klerks Thom Klerks - gif
Thom Klerks


Elisabeth Ehlers Elisabeth Ehlers - gif
Elisabeth Ehlers

German Support

Emma Günther Emma Günther - gif
Emma Günther

German Support

Lucy Vleeshouwers Lucy Vleeshouwers - gif
Lucy Vleeshouwers

Dutch Quality Manager

Scotty Scotty - gif


Wouter Groen Wouter Groen - gif
Wouter Groen

Junior Finance Assistant

Amber van Dort Amber van Dort - gif
Amber van Dort

Head of People & Culture

Ali Atilgan Ali Atilgan - gif
Ali Atilgan

German Support

Luca Corrieri Luca Corrieri - gif
Luca Corrieri

Country Marketing Manager DACH

Lydia Korndewal Lydia Korndewal - gif
Lydia Korndewal

Citation & Layout Product Manager

Lorena Heizer Lorena Heizer - gif
Lorena Heizer

Freelance Operations Assistant

Eva Vogel Eva Vogel - gif
Eva Vogel

Operations Assistant

Isabelle Suchowitz Isabelle Suchowitz - gif
Isabelle Suchowitz

Support Operations Manager

Hannah Schindelwig Hannah Schindelwig - gif
Hannah Schindelwig

German Quality Manager

Arjan van Laak Arjan van Laak - gif
Arjan van Laak

Dutch Citation Quality Manager

Raisa Mulder Raisa Mulder - gif
Raisa Mulder

Dutch Support

Garance Pellet Garance Pellet - gif
Garance Pellet

Community Manager

Bas Swaen Bas Swaen - gif
Bas Swaen

Co-founder and CEO

Linda Hasselbusch Linda Hasselbusch - gif
Linda Hasselbusch

German Content Writer

Stijn Hoogvorst Stijn Hoogvorst - gif
Stijn Hoogvorst

Dutch Support

Kay Brouwers Kay Brouwers - gif
Kay Brouwers

Business Analyst

Louisa Vofrei Louisa Vofrei - gif
Louisa Vofrei


Alex Kovalcikova Alex Kovalcikova  - gif
Alex Kovalcikova

Operations Assistant

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