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We started in 2012 as a team of three with one editor. Now, we are a strong, experienced, international team with more than 400 editors working across the globe. We can call ourselves true thesis experts. Every day, we work hard to help students earn their degree with our award-winning Proofreading & Editing service, Plagiarism Checker, APA Citation Generator and Knowledge Base.

The team

We make sure everything goes smoothly. We answer your questions, find the best editor for your thesis and guarantee the high quality of our services.

Nena van BakelNena van Bakel - gif
Nena van Bakel


Hanna MerkiHanna Merki - gif
Hanna Merki

German support

Samantha MendarosSamantha Mendaros - gif
Samantha Mendaros

English Linguistic Quality Manager

Daniel LimaDaniel Lima - gif
Daniel Lima

Back-end Developer

Lara RodenburgLara Rodenburg - gif
Lara Rodenburg


Sophia SchnelzerSophia Schnelzer - gif
Sophia Schnelzer

German Support

Nicole FriesenNicole Friesen - gif
Nicole Friesen

Community Manager

Emma MoreauEmma Moreau - gif
Emma Moreau

French Marketing & Communication Intern

Julia DaliborJulia Dalibor - gif
Julia Dalibor

German Support

Wouter KoekoekWouter Koekoek - gif
Wouter Koekoek

Editor Operations Assistance, Reference Style Specialist, Layout Specialist

Kristina DziallasKristina Dziallas - gif
Kristina Dziallas

German Quality Manager

Leon HuijserLeon Huijser - gif
Leon Huijser


Richard van LaakRichard van Laak - gif
Richard van Laak

Co-founder and Proof of Concept Engineer

Tim SwaenTim Swaen - gif
Tim Swaen

Content Creator, Office Management

Jeanne HoogbergenJeanne Hoogbergen - gif
Jeanne Hoogbergen


Lydia KorndewalLydia Korndewal - gif
Lydia Korndewal


Hannes AdamHannes Adam - gif
Hannes Adam

German Support

Mike KwakernaakMike Kwakernaak - gif
Mike Kwakernaak

Assistant Finance

Bas SwaenBas Swaen - gif
Bas Swaen

Co-founder and CEO Operations, finance, legal and business development

Tom DautzenbergTom Dautzenberg - gif
Tom Dautzenberg


Molly LaBrodeMolly LaBrode - gif
Molly LaBrode

HR Operations

Marek LiszkaMarek Liszka - gif
Marek Liszka

Back-end Developer

José Francisco de Melo NetoJosé Francisco de Melo Neto - gif
José Francisco de Melo Neto

Back-end Developer

Dylan van WonderenDylan van Wonderen - gif
Dylan van Wonderen

Data Science Intern

Paul IkpiaPaul Ikpia - gif
Paul Ikpia

German Support

Justine DebretJustine Debret - gif
Justine Debret

Manager French Market

Mandy TheelMandy Theel - gif
Mandy Theel

German Content Marketer

Adrian WolkersdorfAdrian Wolkersdorf - gif
Adrian Wolkersdorf

Senior German Support, Reference Style Specialist, Layout Specialist, Onboarding-German-Editors

Shona McCombesShona McCombes - gif
Shona McCombes

Content Manager

Koen DriessenKoen Driessen - gif
Koen Driessen

Co-founder and CEO Marketing and Development

Franziska PfeifferFranziska Pfeiffer - gif
Franziska Pfeiffer

German Content Marketing & Support

Anne ForstmannAnne Forstmann - gif
Anne Forstmann

German Support

Paul SchouwenburgPaul Schouwenburg - gif
Paul Schouwenburg

Assistant Finance

Arjan van LaakArjan van Laak - gif
Arjan van Laak

Senior Support, Reference Style Specialist, Layout Specialist

Hilde PrinseHilde Prinse - gif
Hilde Prinse

Operations Manager

Leon SmitsLeon Smits - gif
Leon Smits

Senior Support, Reference Style Specialist, Layout Specialist

Lou BendersLou Benders - gif
Lou Benders

Quality Advisor

Lucy VleeshouwersLucy Vleeshouwers - gif
Lucy Vleeshouwers

Dutch Linguistic Quality Manager, Support

Heudon ReinaldoHeudon Reinaldo - gif
Heudon Reinaldo

Back-end Developer

Victoria MrosekVictoria Mrosek - gif
Victoria Mrosek

Business Development, Support Team Lead, Layout Specialist

Raimo StreefkerkRaimo Streefkerk - gif
Raimo Streefkerk

Growth Hacker

Ionut PadurariuIonut Padurariu - gif
Ionut Padurariu

Back-end Developer

Luca CorrieriLuca Corrieri - gif
Luca Corrieri

Manager German Market

Sander JonkerSander Jonker - gif
Sander Jonker

Front-end Developer

Hannah SchindelwigHannah Schindelwig - gif
Hannah Schindelwig

German Support

Jimi CornelisseJimi Cornelisse - gif
Jimi Cornelisse

Business Development, QA Tester, Reference Style Specialist, Layout Specialist

Jean LevaufreJean Levaufre - gif
Jean Levaufre

French Support

ScottyScotty - gif


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