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I have never been good at breathing.

When I was eight8, I was diagnosed with asthma, a condition where your airways narrow and breathing is difficult. I had had pneumonia a few months before, and despite having recovered, I still often had trouble breathing. I missed a good portion of third grade (it took years afterwards to fully master the times tables the class had covered in my absence ) and felt generally bad for almost a year. By the time my parents and I met with Dr. Bisberg, who diagnosed the problem, it was a reliefI felt relieved to simply have an answer.

Unfortunately, themy troubles didn’t end there. My asthma wasn’t well-controlled, so I felt physically ill and made trips to the ER on several occasions in the following year. Sometimes I even needed to spend the night which was definitely scary as a young kid. When I finally returned to school after a two month long absence, the other kids weren’t psychedeager to have me return. I was bullied for being a ghost” (absent all the time), for having to leave class multiple times a day for medication, and for the inhaler that I carried around everywhere. I felt weird, dumb, and, most of all, lonely. What’s more, my little sister would get jealous because of all the attention I was receiving. I couldn’t win on any side and my life was spirally into a disaster: I couldn’t breathe and no one liked me- not even my own sister!

But all that changed the next summer. My mom signed me up for Camp Breathe, a sleepaway summer camp for children with severe asthma. There, I wasn’t an oddball for using an inhaler –- all the cool kids had them. Even my nebulizer –- a loud, bulky machine that I had to used twice a day to take my asthma medication–-was no biggie big deal at Camp Breathe.

The other girls in my cabin were just like me. They knew all about my health struggles because they had the same health struggles. Unlike the kids at school, the kids at campmy fellow campers were kind and understanding. I wasn’t bullied, and neither, to my knowledge, was anyone else: we had all had enough experience as outsiders to know how damaging it can be.

After my experience at camp, I switched schools and made new friends. I returned to Camp Breathe for the next three3 years and made many wonderful memories. Now, I rarely worry about my health. I even play varsity volleyball and dance on the dance team at school. I don’t think about having asthma on a daily basis, but the lessons I learned at Camp Breathe –- how to forge strong friendships, work as part of a team, accept people with differences, and make the best out of every situation –- will stay with me for life.

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    Be concise

    You can expect your readers to be familiar with what asthma is, so this definition here isn’t necessary.

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    Stay focused

    You’ve already done a great job of describing your situation, so I’d suggest streamlining the text here to keep the focus on the most important details. This will not only help you meet your word count limit but also ensure that the essay stays focused on your current strengths and qualities, rather than a past hardship.

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    You might want to expand on what changed after camp that made it easier to make new friends. Was it really just that your situation changed, or did you also develop new skills and qualities that made your situation easier?

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    Show, don't tell

    Great sentence here! I really like this because it demonstrates your values and character traits. To make this section even stronger, consider using real-life examples to demonstrate how you put these traits into practice.


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