Correct language errors

The editor corrects for the following:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • Punctuation
  • Academic style

Tips and comments

If the meaning of a sentence is unclear, the editor will help you improve the text by asking questions, providing suggestions, giving tips and writing comments.

Personal feedback

You will receive personal, constructive feedback from your editor on your most frequently made language errors. In doing so, the editor will help you become a better writer for the future.

Editing theses is a discipline in its own right. Our editors take into account the academic style you need to write in when editing your thesis. Specifically for this reason, we have developed the Scribbr Improvement Model©.

Examples of tips, questions, comments and suggestions

Tip: “Check the following articles to see which connectives you can use to make your text more coherent: Transition words and phrases: list and misuses.”

Question: “Are you contradicting yourself with this sentence? Before you spoke of… Please review this sentence carefully.”

Comment: “It is unclear what you are referring to with ‘this’. Please revise to what ‘this’ refers to and specify what you mean to write.”

Suggestion: “You have not mentioned this theory before. Maybe you could elaborate this theory so that your reader also understands what it entails.”

Experts on theses

Use of first person pronouns

There is much debate about the use of first person pronouns in academic writing. As of yet, there are no clear and set rules about using these first person pronouns. Some disciplines forbid writing ‘I’ or ‘we’, and others do not. Therefore we ask you in advance if and how we have to take the first person pronouns into account while we are editing.

More about personal pronouns in theses

Verb tenses

Correct use of verb tenses can be a difficult task. Most of the time, it is clear to the editor which verb tense you should use, and the editor will not have any problem editing your verbs. However, at times, teacher, student and editor do not think alike. Therefore, we ask you about any additional requirements concerning the verb tenses when you upload your document.

Common uses of tenses in academic writing


Each thesis contains specialized terminology. If the editor is unfamiliar with jargon that you use, the editor will look up the terminology to find out if you used it correctly. Sometimes jargon terms are written in such a way that they do not obviously follow standard linguistic conventions. When you upload your thesis you can indicate which terms have to be written in a certain way.

What is not part of the service?


We never correct or check the content of a document. You should look for a tutor if you need help with your content.


Improving the layout of your document costs € 49, and we offer this as a separate service. 


Checking references costs € 2 per reference. You can also use our free APA Generator to make a reference list.

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