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Experienced, dedicated editors

ESL/EFL students

Are you an ESL student? We specialize in correcting essays and papers written by non-native English speakers. Our editors know from experience what common mistakes ESL students make writing in English. They will not only help you correct your language mistakes, but will also provide you with clear feedback about them. 


An essay with no language mistakes, that is what we aim for. When you write an essay or paper it becomes difficult to recognize your own mistakes and errors after a while. One of our editors will correct your work with a fresh set of eyes and will fix all the language errors you have made. The editor works with Track Changes in Word.

Professional editors

Our varied editors all have their own specialties. This means that the editor who edits your document will be familiar with your field of study

We work with only the best editors, who are carefully selected, tested and assessed


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For all your university assignments

We edit all study related documents. Whether you’re write a term paper, admissions essay, article or personal statement, we would love to help you out. See how it works.

Trust and safety

Your data is safe with us. We believe that protecting your personal details is very important. Our team and our editors comply with the conditions specified in our Privacy Policy and will never disclose or publish any information in your essay.