The Scribbr Plagiarism Check detects similarities between your paper and the official Ephorus database. Within 10 minutes, you find out if you have accidentally plagiarized and how to improve your text.

Safe and reliable.

Ephorus technology

To check your paper, we use the official Ephorus plagiarism software. The most widely used plagiarism checker for schools and universities.

There are more than 52 billion internet sources in the database.

Scientific journals

Scientific journals

In contrast to many other plagiarism checks, Scribbr also compares your document with private databases from scientific journals and publishers.

Upload friends' papers

Papers from other students

Do other students write about the same topic? Or are you doubting whether a document can be found in the database?

You can now add their papers to the database for free. We will automatically check them for plagiarism.

A complete plagiarism check within 10 minutes

Upload your paper to check it on plagiarism

1. Upload

Upload your paper.

You can add extra documents to the database to compare them with this paper at a later time.

Your document gets scanned for plagiairism

2. Check

Now it is our turn.

Go and get yourself a coffee and let our computers do the work for you.

A report with all detected sources.

3. Report

We highlight your plagiarized phrases and link them to the original source.

Need help with the detected plagiarism? Contact us 24/7

4. Support

Use our tools and Knowledge Base to work with your report.

Are you a little lost? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Used by 26,289 students

Thousands of students use the Scribbr Plagiarism Check to get the best out of their paper.

"After using the Plagiarism Check I finally understand what plagiarism is. The check did find quiet a lot of plagiarism... Luckily, plagiarism is now of no concern to me anymore."

Max Student Marketing

"Super to get that confirmation that everything is OK. Thanks to the support team too for being there to answer all my questions."

Elvire Student Economics

Your own report

The higher the better

The Originality Score is the percentage that tells you how much percent of your paper’s content is original and doesn’t contain any similarities with sources from the Ephorus database.

The higher the percentage the more original the text.

Starting from 95%, your score is high enough.

All awesome features

Safe and secure

We save all uploaded documents on our server for 1 month.  Want to delete everything straight away? No problem.

Your own report

You receive an elaborate and detailed report of your Scribbr Plagiarism Check.

Also, easy to download in pdf format.  

Papers from other students

Add the essays and papers from other students as extra sources for free. This way, you can be a 100% certain that you’re not plagiarizing.

24/7 support

Are you a little lost? Don’t worry. We are pleased to help you.

Works with different formats

You can upload doc, docx and pdf files.

Built for students

The Scribbr Plagiarism Check checks online sources, journals and your fellow students’ papers, theses, dissertations and essays.

Ephorus technology

The Scribbr Plagiarism Check is the only service that is allowed to use the official Ephorus database.

Your school will find no match

Your school will never find a 100% match for your paper because we will never share nor publish your document.

The databases are fully protected.

A huge database with sources

Your document will be compared to:

  • 52 billion internet sources
  • 159 million scientific articles
  • Sources you add to the check yourself
Other plagiarism checks Plagiarism Check
Internet sources
Scientific journals
Papers from other students
Ephorus technology
24/7 support
High security

Ready to become an original writer?

Check your paper for plagiarism. Your personal report within 10 minutes. Safe and reliable.

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