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What’s a spell checker?

When you write online, a spell checker shows you the words you misspelled. It can be an individual feature or standalone software.

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So, what does it actually fix?

Commonly misspelled words: Words that sound alike but have different meanings and spellings, like “their” vs. “there” or “accept” vs. “except.” 

Typos: Mistakes made while typing, such as missed or extra letters, transposed letters, or incorrect placement of punctuation. 

Compound word errors: When word combinations are split or combined in the wrong way. For example, writing “everyday” when you mean “every day.”

Grammar checker for common mistakes

How does this spell checker work?

This is an AI-powered online spell checker. To never worry about spelling mistakes again, just copy-paste or type your text into the box. The spell checker will then go through what you’ve written and mark any errors in red. To fix all your mistakes, click the green “Fix All Errors” button to correct your spelling. 

Why use this spell checker?

Avoid embarrassing mistakes

You know the feeling when you’ve just sent a text, email, job application, or assignment and you catch a glaring spelling mistake just after you hit send? Embarrassing, and you don’t want to look bad. The spell checker will catch any of these in real time, so you can avoid embarrassing situations. 

Avoid bad grades

You’ve written the best paper there is. Your arguments, your citations—everything’s perfect. But you’ve made some spelling mistakes, and your teacher is punishing you for them. Your grade gets knocked down a peg, and it’s totally unfair. With this spell checker, you don’t need to worry about spelling influencing your final grade. 

Write error-free without wasting time

You’ve written a 30-page thesis. The last thing you want to do is painstakingly go through the document and find any spelling mistakes. The spell checker will instantly find any mistakes, so you don’t have to trawl through all your written text and waste your day proofreading yourself.  

Who can use this spell checker?

Even though anyone can use an online spell checker, it’s especially helpful for people who write a lot, aren’t confident about their writing, or can’t afford to make mistakes.



Have a high-stakes assignment or paper you need to pass? You probably graduate only once, so why not take advantage of every tool available? This spell checker will help boost your writing to a higher level. 

non-native speaker


Is English not your first language? No worries. This spell checker will help you write correct English as a non-native speaker. Be confident that what you write won’t contain any errors.


Business professionals

Whether you’re applying for a new job or sending an email to your boss or customers, you want to avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes. With this spell checker, your life will be much easier.

all english variants

Spell checker for all English variants

UK and US English and other variants differ significantly in the way they are written. This online spell checker supports major English dialects, like:

  • US English
  • UK English
  • Canadian English
  • Australian English

Why users love our Spell Checker

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Save time and upload your entire document to fix it in minutes👉


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Frequently asked questions

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How is the Scribbr spell checker different from Word’s built-in spell checker?

Scribbr’s spell checker finds typos and misused words, unlike other spell checkers. It considers the context—the sentence’s subject and meaning—and the spelling and meaning of a word.

Which languages does the spell checker support?

English, German, and French are supported. Because there are different English dialects worldwide, this spell checker supports US, UK, Canadian, and Australian English.

Is the spell checker free?

Yes, it is. It’s also completely ad-free, and no sign-up is required.