1. Scribbr language quiz

Start the challenge by taking our language quiz. Your score will tell us whether you can spot language mistakes like an eagle spots his prey!

2. Scribbr test assignment

Sure, you may have language skills, but can you edit texts in the Scribbr style? In this assignment, we’ll ask you to correct the language issues and improve the student’s writing. You’ll also write feedback and come up with some useful tips to help the student improve his or her future writing. Make sure to complete the checklists and answer all questions, too :).

Our senior editors will provide feedback on your work to support your development as an editor – and hopefully, we’ll be able to add you to our online system.

3. Scribbr Academy

If you pass the test assessment, we will invite you to join the Scribbr Academy!

At this stage, we will add you to our system and give you access to information about working as a Scribbr editor.

We will first ask you to complete two simulation orders. You’ll have three days to complete each order, and we’ll share feedback for how you can improve your editing style. After these orders, you’ll be ready to take on real seven-day orders. However, while you are in the academy, we’ll shorten your deadline by four days so that our senior editors can assess your work before the document is delivered to the author.

We will provide you with lots of tips and tricks that are designed to help you to progress as efficiently as possible.

4. Scribbr editor team

Congratulations! If you make it through the Scribbr Academy, we will officially welcome you to the Scribbr editor team!

As a qualified editor, you will be able to take on all kinds of orders. You will also receive our bi-weekly newsletter, which is full of interesting tidbits about Scribbr, our services, the team and editing in general.

5. Why you should apply to be a Scribbr editor

As a member of the Scribbr editor team, you are part of a select group of editors who put their love of language to use to help students graduate.

The Scribbr support team is available 24/7 for all your editing questions or concerns.

Scribbr editors provide each other with substantive feedback to improve the quality of their work and become more efficient and effective editors. Additionally, the Scribbr editor Slack channel enables you to connect with your fellow editors from all over the world and exchange, for example, fun and useful tools for proofreading and editing.

This support will not only help you complete Scribbr orders – it will help you produce strong work for other clients, too.

Ready to become a Scribbr editor?

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