Can I choose the topics that I will edit?

All orders are classified into 1 of 9 categories:

  • Business and Management:
    Business Administration, Hotel Management, Accounting, Marketing
  • Economics:
    Commercial Economics, Econometrics, Finance
  • IT and Engineering:
    ICT, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Applied Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Industrial Design, Electrical Engineering
  • Natural and Life Sciences:
    Biomedical Sciences, Biology, Chemistry
  • Geography, Agriculture and Environment:
    Ecology, Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies, Urban Planning
  • Health and Medical Sciences:
    Medicine, Obstetrics, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Dentistry
  • Arts and Humanities:
    Philosophy, History, Literature, Cultural Studies, Theology
  • Law and Policy:
    Law, Political Science, Public Policy, Human Rights
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences:
    Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Communication Science, Education
  • Other

You can specify the fields that you are interested in. When we send you an order, we always take your preferences into account.

More information about the categories