How long does the application process for becoming a Scribbr editor take?

The application process consists of four steps that you must successfully complete to become an active editor within our system:

  1. Scribbr language quiz: 30 minutes
  2. Scribbr test assignment: 3 hours
  3. Scribbr Academy: 4 hours
  4. Scribbr trial period: multiple jobs, each lasting 4 hours

The speed at which you are able to complete the application process depends on the level of your work. For us it is important not only that you edit according to our guidelines, but also that you feel you have enough experience with us to make the leap to being an active Scribbr editor.

Throughout the process, you will receive feedback from experienced editors – so no matter what happens, you won’t be wasting your time! You will also get paid for your work during the Scribbr Academy and your Scribbr trial period.