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TH 26 May 2017


Excellent, professional job

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Mei-Chih Chang 25 May 2017


Excellent – no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone.

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Jan 22 May 2017

Very nice proofreading experience

Hello,Thank you for your comments and the corrections, I ended up using most of them and could not have done it myself. Plus the links helped me to understand why the changes were needed. Our school did not provide us enough information on how to write some parts.Sincerely, Jan

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Giohalas 22 May 2017

Very helpful for students looking to …

Very helpful for students looking to improve their English writing skills!

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April Cetina 22 May 2017

Excellent services

Excellent services. Great feedback from editor. Would recommend to any student to use

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Dora Xu 22 May 2017

Thank you so much Patrick

Thank you so much Patrick, again! Excellenent work!I will definitely seek for your help in the future.

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Emil 19 May 2017


Great, fast and reliable

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Hilla Nehushtan 16 May 2017

Quick and professional

Quick, professional and know the job

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Rebekka Hooks 15 May 2017

This is my second time using Scribbr …

This is my second time using Scribbr for editing my papers and I'm more than satisfied every time. I'll continue to refer to Scribbr for all my editing!

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John Ramirez 11 May 2017

I want to thank Aimee

I want to thank Aimee, for the excellent work on editing my thesis. I was very satisfied and amazed with the professional work that Aimee did; it greatly improved the structure and composition of my sentences and made my thesis more professional and interesting. The only thing that I regret is not having sent my thesis much earlier. I am very grateful to both Aimee and Scribbr for your professional work and support; and I will pass your information and my recommendation to the next MMAS students.

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Gloria 11 May 2017


Really great! Scribbr does not only check your document, but it also gives you feedback so that you can improve your writing, is really helpful!!

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John Wesley 9 May 2017

The site is easy to use and very …

The site is easy to use and very straight forward. The pricing is competitive and the quality of work is exceptional.

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Heidi Kristiansen 9 May 2017

Great help with Master thesis

Great help with everything. We felt that or thesis became so much better. Especially good that she made comments when something was unclear or that her changes may be wrong as she may not have understood us correctly.

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acdc 9 May 2017

I haven't had time to review everything …

I haven't had time to review everything that Katharyn recommended in terms of structure, etc., but just the grammar and general writing corrections and comments are gold already. It's very refreshing to have your work checked by someone so knowledgeable about academic codes and style. Best investment I've made on my thesis! I will definitely come back for more, once I have more materials. Thanks Katharyn!

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Steven 9 May 2017

Excellent service

The service is without doubt excellent and I shall be pleased to recommend the service further.

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Rauf 7 May 2017

Excellent work

Excellent work

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Charles 3 May 2017

I was fascinated by the work that was …

I was fascinated by the work that was performed, not only did Shane corrigated my Thesis, he also tried to give me explanations, or to educate me why he has done it and how I could do it next time better. Hey

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Anonymous 3 May 2017

Very satisfactory

I had a great experience working with the editor on my MA assignments. The comments and changes where highly useful and delivered right on time. The track changes method has made it very easy for me to review the changes and comments on each sentence.

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Aya 2 May 2017

I really like her proofreading

I really like her proofreading and comments, which are very helpful and high standard. I really satisfied her job. I use many examples and figures, she checked not only grammatical things but also wrong examples numbers or typo in figures. I think she is professional:)

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Laura 1 May 2017

Highly Recommend

Highly RecommendScribbr helped me in revising my work. the comments are spot on and the clarification very precise

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