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Marco Bernardi 21 October 2019

The reviewer did an excellent job both…

The reviewer did an excellent job both concerning the formal revisions and the suggestions, which I appreciated very much. Thus, the paper that I submitted significantly improved. Furthermore, the reviewer not only met the deadlines, but he sent the revisions in advice. I do recommend this service

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Sha Zb 20 October 2019

Excellent Service

It is the third time I am using Scribbr services, and I am delighted with their job. Special thanks to the editor Amy Sheeran for a great job on editing my thesis document. Definitely will use Scribbr again in future.

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Barbara Hunter 19 October 2019

Huge feedback for future corrections…

Huge feedback for future corrections and enhanced writing.

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MS 19 October 2019

100% happy for my M.Eng thesis check

I selected a three day deal for the language check / proof reading for my Master's thesis. I have to say that I was amazed how profound the check was. Now I have articles in place in my thesis (and which are always a bit difficult for non-native English speakers). Addition to basic language check, also multiple corrections for structure of sentences was proposed (of which I accepted about 90%). In certain sentences there was an honest comment added that the reader does not understand the sentence (due to the technical complexity) but still proposed to check it and offered an optional structure. I'm extremely happy for the service I got and it really leveled up my thesis (Thanks Frank!). BR. MS

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Cornelia Griebel 18 October 2019

Excellent job

Very thorough revision, extremely helpful comments. Rebecca did a great job.

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Ayushi Singh 18 October 2019

Scribbr helped me to understand the…

Scribbr helped me to understand the faults in my document. The editing was very nice. I just hope if we could contact the reviewer with more questions directly.:)

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Jianing 18 October 2019

I ask for the help from an editor of…

I ask for the help from an editor of Scribbr. The reason is that i need a german version of the abstract for my dissertation. Frankly speaking, my academic german is not so good, therefore i ask the editor to help me check my own translation. The deiting is very good, and I accept the version as my final version for the submission.

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Fahad Alotaibi 16 October 2019

Amazing David

Amazing David. Thank you very much for your support. And sorry too many mistakes you had to do a lot of work. Thanks, again

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Han 15 October 2019

The experience was overall great

The experience was overall great

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N/A 14 October 2019

Excellent service as always!

Excellent service as always!! I will use you in all my future writing projects.

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Mizuchify 14 October 2019

Better than expected!

The editor provided a lot of useful feedback and helped me with my writing in terms of the academic style. I also used the plagiarism checker and can say that it's exactly the one my university uses (turnitin) so there's no discrepancy. Definitely recommend and will use again in the future.

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Valerie 13 October 2019

Great review with useful suggestions…

Great review with useful suggestions and comments

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Kate Sherman 10 October 2019

Very pleased with outcome!

My Scribbr editor did an excellent job correcting my personal statement for graduate school! He gave me many suggestions that helped strengthen my paper. Although it is a little pricey, I am more than pleased with the results!

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TheTenor 9 October 2019

This is from my own personal experience…

This is from my own personal experience of having my Master's dissertation proofread. The deadline was tight and initially, I was unsure of what to expect. However, my concerns were soon allayed and my editor Janet did a fabulous job in getting my dissertation turned around in just 48 hrs and at the weekend. She provided supportive and constructive comments over and above what she was being paid for and the whole process ran extremely smoothly. To be honest I am not sure about how I feel at asking for the structure and style to be edited as that in my mind is the responsibility of the postgraduate in my case and the relationship with the dissertation supervisor. I am fairly comfortable with proofreading however as it is easy to become word blind and desensitized when you have been working so intensely on a dissertation for such a long period and another pair of eyes is always a good measure before submission in my opinion. I would recommend Scribber and I was very grateful for the service provided by my editor. I received my grade yesterday and got a 1st so I am more than happy that I chose to invest in having the work proofread and very grateful to Janet for her support.

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sermet OGUTCU 7 October 2019

The overall feedbacks and the…

The overall feedbacks and the corrections were excellent.

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Poeny McDowell 2 October 2019

David has given me some excellent…

David has given me some excellent suggestions regarding the structure of my essay.

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Caterina 2 October 2019

Great editing service

I really suggest the Scribbs service. The revisors are professionals, they help you to correct the mistakes and they also give you advice to make your work better. The service consists in the work corrected carefully, the comment of the revisor about the entire work and a sheet with your most common mistakes to pay attention for further works!

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aurelia Muller 1 October 2019

Very thorough proofread service

Very thorough proofread service

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Chijioke Olisah 1 October 2019

Manuscript accepted for publication after english language editing

I submitted my manuscript to scribbr for English Language editing and other professional grammatical cleanup. The language editing by the scribbr editor was very thorough and he gave suggestions on how to improve my writing skills. After effecting the changes the manuscript was accepted in a Journal of IF - 3.78. The service was relatively cheap. Thanks Scribbr

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Souzi deutschland 1 October 2019

Great experience very professional team…

Great experience very professional team and work I am very satisfied and planning to work with you in the future.Thanks

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Scribbr is specialized in editing study related documents. We check:

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How does Scribbr handle confidential documents?

At Scribbr, we are committed to protecting your personal information. That’s why our employees and editors follow specific guidelines to ensure the confidentiality of your work:

  • Pledge of secrecy
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  • Obligation to delete files
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Both the original and edited versions of your document are saved on our secure server for 12 months. After this period, the files are automatically deleted. However, you can manually delete your files at any time via your user profile.


Tip: If you still have concerns about confidential information in your document, you can take additional measures to anonymize this data. We advise you to do the following:

  • Change company names and other identifying details
  • Delete data and analyses that do not need proofreading

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As a policy, we do not sign NDAs. Every NDA is complex and unique, and our legal team does not have the capacity to review each individual contract we receive.

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Can I have my thesis edited during weekends and holidays?

Yes, our editors also work during the weekends and holidays.

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If you choose a 72 hour deadline and upload your thesis on a Thursday evening, you’ll have your thesis back by Sunday evening!