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Forough H Jonghani 24 September 2022

Scribber helps always to find the…

Scribber helps always to find the mistakes that one would not find, after writing a long time on a paper. Thank you always for the help you provide to students to proof read their work!

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Katharina Rotté 22 September 2022

Sarah did a great job!

Sarah did a great job!

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Fu-Yin Cherng 21 September 2022

Scribbr provided a professional, instant, and thorough editing service

Scribbr provided a professional, instant, and thorough editing service within this short period (24 hr)! As a non-native speaker of English, all the comments and editing were well explained several with the tutorial articles about some important rules and details of academic writing. I will definitely continue to use Scribbr in the future.

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Kyra Fecher 21 September 2022

Excellent service and nice employees

Excellent service and nice employees. It is of course expensive, but I think you could see it as investment in your future. Maybe implementing a student discount would be an advantage in the future.

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Julie McFarlane 20 September 2022

Fast and Effective

Needed fast turnaround as my usual editor was on annual leave. This didn't disappoint.

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Torben Vosskaemper 20 September 2022

worth it for sure

Fast, always friendly, good price, good quality. Nothing more to say...

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Noah Horst 19 September 2022

It was quick.

It was quick.

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Martin Wallstam 19 September 2022

Extremely satisfied

A very thorough proof-reading and formatting job!

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Anna 18 September 2022

Masterthesis Korrektur

I am very happy with the corrections. Veronica gave very helpful tips and ideas on how to reword the sentences and she picked on mistakes that I had missed. The inputs were all in line with the rules for writing academic texts. As I haven't written an academic piece for a while, this was extremely helpful.

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Rahul 16 September 2022

Just what I was looking for...

Glad that such a tool exists. Tracking references and mentioning them correctly in the required format is very challenging for someone new. Scribber made it extremely easy and there are no more hassles. I can now concentrate on my research. Thank you so much.

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Stephie Xuereb 14 September 2022

citation editing

actually, got the feedback back 2 days earlier than expected. the service was citation editing and it was great.

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Oliver Reid 13 September 2022


Wow! It is really good!

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Jonathan 13 September 2022

Reliable service!

Good job, on time, and helps to learn from the mistakes.

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Fabio 8 September 2022

Excellent service

Correction de textes d'une excellente qualité.

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Désirée 6 September 2022

Totally happy

Totally happy. The editor was very thorough and explained throughout the text on the "why" or choices to make. I learned a lot. My texts improved for sure.

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Marlon Ligon 5 September 2022

I sent my manuscript to Scribbr and i…

I sent my manuscript to Scribbr and i was very pleased with the response. The paper was returned to me with corrections and recommendations I easily adjust to making. I would definitely recommend the service to a friend.

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Sandra Sanchez 3 September 2022

Scribbr is the right choice to make a…

Scribbr is the right choice to make a proofread of your manuscript, the feedback we received was very helpful, complete, professional and in timely manner. All the changes they suggested were things we hadn't noticed and that really improved our work!

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Stefan 31 August 2022

Great work!

I have ordered a 24hrs edit and delivered it in two parts. As requested, the same editor provided feedback which was very helpful and totally on point. Great experience and great work! Thanks.

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Kylie 31 August 2022

Thanks a lot

Thanks. Scribbr is great :)

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Eva Picht 29 August 2022

Worth it!

Everything is done as it is explained on their website. They even finished before the deadline and the correction was absolutely satisfying! Saved me a lot of time and workload. They even called me to ask if I am satisfied with the result. Very good customer service.

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Which citation software does Scribbr use?

The Scribbr Citation Generator is developed using the open-source Citation Style Language (CSL) project and Frank Bennett’s citeproc-js. It’s the same technology used by dozens of other popular citation tools, including Mendeley and Zotero.

You can find all the citation styles and locales used in the Scribbr Citation Generator in our publicly accessible repository on Github.