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Raffie 19 April 2024

Easy Scribbr

It is easy and accurate especially when time is of the essence

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customer 18 April 2024

Great for students and academics.

As a professor, I do not want my students to lose points on written assignments due to incorrect citation formats. I introduce them to Scrbbr at the beginning of each class so that they could use it to help them improve the quality of their citations.

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Lena G 18 April 2024

Amazing citation generator that is…

Amazing citation generator that is free. Love it, highly recommend.

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Kaia 18 April 2024

Excellent citation generator

Scribbr has by far the best citation generator I've found! The user interface is neat and easy to use, as well as satisfying to look at on top of that. All of the tools are useful and everything is wonderfully simple. I use Scribbr for all of my citations and it's never done me wrong!

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Lamar 18 April 2024

It made my life easy

It made my life easy

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Belinda 18 April 2024

This has been an awesome resource when…

This has been an awesome resource when writing papers for school.

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customer 18 April 2024

Scribbr has been so helpful to me in so many ways!

Scribbr has been so helpful to me for the past 2 years. I appreciate the way it has helped me cite my assignments and paraphrase things for me in class. I know I could not get this far without this app.

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Lucy 18 April 2024

Easy and helpful

Really easy to use and it automatically saves your work which is very helpful. It will find your resources easily and help with your referencing.

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PB 18 April 2024



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Sere 18 April 2024


Super easy to use and really convenient when researching.

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Debbie 18 April 2024

Teaching several research writing…

Teaching several research writing courses and attending graduate school allows me vast experience with creating citations, Works Cited Pages, and overall research documentation. Scribbr works the best and the informational videos are comprehensive.

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Gulshat 18 April 2024

Better PhD experience with Scribbr

Scribbr has made my PhD experience much easier as it allows me to have many folders for different papers and copy references between folders if necessary.

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Aleks 18 April 2024

Scribbr has helped with correctly…

Scribbr has helped with correctly citing references with some many of my papers, and projects. Teaching the proper way to use in-text.

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Laray 18 April 2024

Scribbr is easy to use and trustworthy

Scribbr is easy to use and provides me confidence that I am citing my resources accurately.

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Dominick 18 April 2024

It is easy to use.

It is easy to use.

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Theodore Roper 17 April 2024

The citation generator works quite…

The citation generator works quite well. I also enjoyed the help with writing in APA.

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Charles 17 April 2024

It is so easy to use and very quick

It is so easy to use and very quick. I wish I found this earlier.

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Juan Pedro Faini Jaramillo 17 April 2024

Very usefull

Very usefull

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Nicole 17 April 2024

Very helpful has improve my writing…

Very helpful has improve my writing skills and it is very user friendly

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Beyond Blu 17 April 2024

It has definitely helped me with…

It has definitely helped me with citations for my school assignments.

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How does Scribbr help students graduate?

Our team helps students graduate by offering:

What plagiarism and AI detection software does Scribbr use?

Scribbr’s Plagiarism Checker is powered by elements of Turnitin’s Similarity Checker, namely the plagiarism detection software and the Internet Archive and Premium Scholarly Publications content databases.

The add-on AI detector is powered by Scribbr’s proprietary software.

Which citation software does Scribbr use?

The Scribbr Citation Generator is developed using the open-source Citation Style Language (CSL) project and Frank Bennett’s citeproc-js. It’s the same technology used by dozens of other popular citation tools, including Mendeley and Zotero.

You can find all the citation styles and locales used in the Scribbr Citation Generator in our publicly accessible repository on Github.