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Tati Pinheiro 22 May 2024

This website was a life change

This website was a life change in my academic journey. As soon as I discovered that, it saved me a lot of time to organize my references in my papers.

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Yaa 22 May 2024


saving citation generated for future us.

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Vera Meeusen 21 May 2024

Great learning

Fast service. Great feedback with tips, suggestions and hyperlinks to more information. Great learning for future manuscripts.

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customer 21 May 2024

There are a lot of tools out there, but none that work as quickly as Scribbr

There are a lot of tools out there, that have similar features and functionality, but Scribbr's user interface is exceptional and easy to use. Scribbr has helped me throughout my doctoral journey, I've recommended it to many colleagues, friends, and family, and now I recommend it to you...

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joey lehane 21 May 2024

I do my referencing with this tool…

I do my referencing with this tool because Mendeley isn't always working

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Oluwaseunara L'ayemi 21 May 2024

Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot

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Luke 21 May 2024

The Greatness of Scrbbr

Scribbr is a gamechanger when it comes to citations and has made my assignments so much more efficient and organized.

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Dre 21 May 2024

Super fast

Super fast, way better than citation machine

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Bing Points 21 May 2024

Absouletly Amazing!

Absouletly Amazing! Scribbr is the GOAT!!! Such a skibidi rizzler with lvl 69 gyatt and has a amazing jawline

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Diane 20 May 2024

Amazing and very helpful.

Amazing and very helpful.

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Thea 20 May 2024

scriber makes it so easy to do find a…

scriber makes it so easy to do find a bio and its so quick.😃

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Julie 20 May 2024

I love how I can cut and paste another…

I love how I can cut and paste another source and Scibbr provides me with a full citation. I use it all the time and can't image how I would do citations without it!

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Kari 19 May 2024

The most helpful APA tool I have found yet

This is tremendous and beyond helpful while I am trying to get my Master's Degree. For some reason, creating references is always the most frustrating part of the paper for me, and this helps in more ways than I can explain.

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A Chandrashekar 19 May 2024

Great Referencing tool

Easy to use, super helpful!

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Amy Rowell 19 May 2024

Doug is the best editor ever! Very happy with Scribbr!

Doug is the best! I got lucky being paired with him. My timeline was shortened beyond my control and he was able to return results expeditiously! Along the way, realized some formatting challenges and Doug was able to assist in resolving very quickly. He made some incredible suggestions and it took my final version to the next level. I was able to successfully defend my dissertation in time to graduate!

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Sandra 19 May 2024

It's easy to capture citations

It's easy to capture citations

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customer 19 May 2024

I have been using the application for…

I have been using the application for years now, and I find it so useful and easy to navigate. Excellent tool! I will continue to use it throughout my academic journey.

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Conan 19 May 2024

No Charge

They don't charge anything for their service, unlike others citation generators

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Volkan Eralgin 18 May 2024

top service

top service

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S.M.S.So 18 May 2024

I am very satisfied with Scribbr's…

I am very satisfied with Scribbr's professional service. Her proofreading and editing greatly improved the quality of my paper. The comments provided by the editor are very pertinent and useful.

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How does Scribbr help students graduate?

Our team helps students graduate by offering:

What plagiarism and AI detection software does Scribbr use?

Scribbr’s Plagiarism Checker is powered by elements of Turnitin’s Similarity Checker, namely the plagiarism detection software and the Internet Archive and Premium Scholarly Publications content databases.

The add-on AI detector is powered by Scribbr’s proprietary software.

Which citation software does Scribbr use?

The Scribbr Citation Generator is developed using the open-source Citation Style Language (CSL) project and Frank Bennett’s citeproc-js. It’s the same technology used by dozens of other popular citation tools, including Mendeley and Zotero.

You can find all the citation styles and locales used in the Scribbr Citation Generator in our publicly accessible repository on Github.