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Ana Paula 22 April 2017


High quality work, Delivery of the text review before the deadline. I recommend.

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Rong 21 April 2017

I really appreciate of the experience …

I really appreciate of the experience gained in using the services of Scribbr for editing my thesis. I would recommend it to my friends.

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Ramrum 21 April 2017

i am recommending this to all the …

i am recommending this to all the students and all friends, it gives a high quality review with the specification of anyone's field, pointing out the main issues punctual and reliable. it may help as well in companies for review of model and projects.

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Alessandro Mencarelli 20 April 2017

Fully satisfied

I am definitely satisfied with the latest work they edited for me. They demonstrated a great attention either to the form and accuracy or to the content and the meaning I intended to convey. Their tips and suggestions drove me through a deeper analysis of what I had written and I am sure that now it works very well. Alessandro

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Chul-Young 19 April 2017

I really appreciate Robyn's work.

I really appreciate Robyn's work. Robyn's feedback was concise and clear. I expected revision comments nearly everywhere but Robyn spotted things, which I had not expected to be found. That was/is great!

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Stefan 17 April 2017

At first glance I was not sure about …

At first glance I was not sure about the improvements as there were so many. But at second sight I really learned to appreciate all the effort put into my thesis document. I had to edit a few things in a few places because the meaning of the sentences wasn't reflected in a few rare cases; however I realised eventually that this was rather related to my sloppy english than to the editor's skills :-). The comments and edits definitely helped me sharpen up the document and made sure that the document was consistent and ready for thesis submission. My supervisor also noticed the difference ;-).I will definitely contact Scribbr again should I have any particular editing concerns. So: Thanks for the time and energy invested into my thesis - the editor did a fantastic job!

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Ahmed Mohammed 15 April 2017

Experience reliable and fast proofreading

It is really helpful job helped my in my research and Saved my efforts in editing and revising my paper in a very short time, and I show them respect and support.

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d95 15 April 2017

Professional and competent editor

Professional and competent editor, time was perfectly respected

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Maria Emilsson 14 April 2017

Excellent comments

Excellent comments, and helped me to 'simplify' my language, as requested by my supervisors. Would very much appreciate if she could help me on my next chapter as well.

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Alessandro Mencarelli 10 April 2017

Good quality and personal and accurate feedback!

Ho trovato il loro lavoro ben fatto, puntuale e, soprattutto, precisa e personale nei commenti dati.

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Claire 7 April 2017

Great site especially while I'm …

Great site especially while I'm overseas. Scrolling through cards and opening so I can read via my phone very slow, I'm sure in a computer this is better. Customer service is also excellent.

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Muhammad Firdaus Isham 7 April 2017

Recommended profreading and editing …

Recommended proofreading and editing team!

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Dee. W 5 April 2017

Very beneficial to ESL students, like me, who has often made common mistakes in writing without knowing what exactly is wrong.

Hi!I wish I can thank Katherine in person :) I am very grateful for her editing, which makes my thesis up a level! I am also very grateful that she has provided useful comments and resource to help me gain more knowledges of English writing. Before I come to Scibbr, I had difficulty using articles "the" "a" and "an". Katherine has been so patiently correcting every single one of them in my thesis. I learned so much just by seeing the changes she made. I am more confident using articles now!I wish her every success with her work and life :)Dee

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MS 4 April 2017

Sophie from Scribbr really improved my text

My editor Sophie found a lot of small mistakes I would have overlooked myself and also gave really useful suggestions on how to make sentences better. She clearly has experience with academic writing and was also able to point out where some sentences were too informal. Would definitely like to have Sophie as an editor again!

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Giulio Toscani 29 March 2017

fantastic service

ON time, very specific comments and understandable structure

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Ludo 27 March 2017

Consiglio Scribbr al 100%

Alessia è stata incredibile, ha fatto un lavoro molto dettagliato!! professionalità e serietà al 100% e in così poco tempo. non credevo fosse possibile. grazie grazie e grazie ancora!!!

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Yulia Petkova 24 March 2017

Very helpful comments and suggestions

My work was better structured and had more logical flow. I accepted most of the changes.

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MA Student 21 March 2017

Fast and Professionell

My MA thesis was proofread great and the comments were very useful.

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Luis Lancos 20 March 2017

Very good and delivered before the end date

Very good and delivered before the end date

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Christine Choy 20 March 2017

Excellent editing service

This is an excellent editing service. The platform is very user friendly for uploading and downloading documents. Free text message and email notification allows me to get informed once my paper has been checked. The editor is very responsible and efficient with high quality of work plus useful comments to help improve my writing. Overall, very good experience.

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Scribbr is specialized in editing study related documents. We check: Calculate the costs
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