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What students write about us
Zen 19 October 2017

Very easy to use

Very easy to use, everything is clear and the guideline is great too. Well done.

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Jing Jin 18 October 2017

Nice service with good price

Nice service with good price. Able to deliver high quality work in short time. Customer service is wonderful too.

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Wes 16 October 2017

First time using the editing service

First time using the editing service. Speedy and high-quality. Editor showed a lot of care.

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Gideon brettler 16 October 2017

Scribbr is a great service

Scribbr is a great service. My editor TIm completed editing my Master's thesis a few days before the deadline. His work was very thorough and insightful. As well as corrections in the paper he added general comments about grammar and syntax that were especially helpful. The result was better than I had hoped. Highly recommended!!!

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Monika Wu 16 October 2017

Scribbr is professional

Scribbr is professional. I love it so much! It helps me a lot!

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Francesca 10 October 2017

Amazing services!

Neshika has been really helpful, she directly corrected the mistakes in the text and also, she has suggested to me how to improve my academic writing! Briefly, she was Amazing! I will definitely use again this service!!!

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Mojijan 9 October 2017

Perfect job!

Perfect job! On time! Great communication!

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Seunghun Ok 8 October 2017


Excellent. Thank you for your effort

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LL 7 October 2017

Scribbr is great!

Scribbr is great!

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Andréa Papes 6 October 2017

I was very happy about the edition from …

I was very happy about the edition from Neshika. She was clear in the corrections and gave important tips about writing.

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Javad Chamanara 6 October 2017

Excellent Proofreading

Excellent Proofreading Patrick proofread my 57000 words computer science PhD dissertation in one week. The amount, accuracy, and relevance of his findings were surprising! He was able to not only find ambiguous phrases in my highly technical text but also to suggest relevant and meaningful improvements. I accepted more than 90% of his suggestions. The quality and quantity of his findings did not degrade towards the end of the dissertation ;-) Also, he had not got tired of my repetitive mistakes and did not write a one-for-all phrase like "replace all e.g. with e.g.,". Instead, he attended each and every issue individually. No to forget, that he was on time (with few hours of announced overtime) I really enjoyed working with him.

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Ahmad 4 October 2017

Extremely professional work

Extremely professional work and i got my document back two days ahead of the deadline. I strongly recommend using this service in proofreading your thesis or reports.

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Liam 3 October 2017

Such an amazing company with amazing …

Such an amazing company with amazing freelancers working to make your documents perfect!

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Signe Bork Hansen 3 October 2017

This service has helped to improve the …

This service has helped to improve the language of my thesis and helped me to make it before the deadline.

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Felix H 3 October 2017

Very good and thorough job of the …

Very good and thorough job of the editor. The editing was finished right in time (7 days for a whole dissertation). The price in my opinion was really fair. The additional remarks were very useful and almost every change could be accepted. Only in 3-4 sentences (in a 150 pages document) the editor was not able to provide a proposal for change. In these case the original text was indeed too obscure. The hints of the editor in these cases, however, helped to correct the original version.For future editing service I will definitely use your service again.

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James Stikeleather 29 September 2017

Not only a quality job

Not only a quality job, but I learned a lot from the editor as well. Highly recommended.

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Kasper Nørskov Kragh 29 September 2017

Very impressive work

Very impressive work. The quality of my grant proposal has been heightened tremendously.

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Zahra AlHabsi 28 September 2017

Fast and i did received before deadline

Fast and i did received before deadline

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Jannie Christensen 27 September 2017

I've used Scribbr to edit the language …

I've used Scribbr to edit the language in my PhD dissertation as well as in different scientific papers. I am very satisfied with their service since their editors are very skilled and give thorough feedback on writing style and common errors (I've used Shane who is excellent).

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Khashayar Azimpour 26 September 2017

The Best Service Ever

Ms. Kristen is the best as usual. Thanks!

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All documents are treated confidentially. Read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we deal with personal data confidentiality.

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Scribbr is specialized in editing study related documents. We check:

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