What is a Paragraph Rewriter?

A Paragraph Rewriter is an online tool designed to rephrase or rewrite a paragraph while preserving its original meaning. Essentially, it takes a given paragraph and rephrases it in a way that maintains the main idea and presents it using different words and sentence structures. It’s useful for enhancing readability and generating multiple variations of the same text.

How does our Paragraph Rewriter work?

1. Put your text into the Paragraph Rewriter

2. Select your method of rewriting

3. Select the level of synonyms you want

4. Edit your text where needed

Why use our paragraph rewriter tool?

  • Time Saving: The days of manually rewording paragraphs has passed. Now, with just a click, you can effortlessly rewrite a paragraph or an entire document.
  • Enhance your writing: Your written work will always be lucid and easy to interpret. Assured uniformity throughout is provided automatically.
  • Retain original meaning: Rewrite without fear of losing the point of your paragraph.
  • No annoying ads: We prfioritize the user experience, hence we refrain from displaying ads.
  • Accuracy: Reliable and grammatically correct rewriting.
  • No login required: We don’t request access to your personal data for you to use our paragraph rewriter.
  • Easy to use: A simple and easy to use interface for every writer.
  • 100% free: No hidden charges, just unlimited usage of our free paragraph rewriter.

Features of our Paragraph Rewriter


Rewrite individual paragraphs

With the Scribbr Paragraph Rewriter, you can easily rewrite individual sentences.

  • Create diverse headlines
  • Rewrite an email
  • Create unique social media captions

Rewrite an Entire Document

Our Paragraph Rewriter is designed to handle up to 125 words per paragraph. Simply upload your file or paste the content in the provided input box.

At the click of a button, you can alter the whole paragraph to your preference.


Find synonyms with ease

Simply click on any word to open the interactive thesaurus.

Choose from a list of suggested similar words
Get the correct word choice with the most appropriate meaning
Replace the word with a single click


Rewrite in two ways

Standard: Balances between altering the text and holding on to the original meaning.
Fluency: Enhances language proficiency and resolves grammatical errors.


Uploading Varieties of Document Formats

Upload any Microsoft Word document, Google Doc, or PDF into the Paragraph Rewriter tool.


Export or copy your content

Once you’ve completed the task, you’ll have the ability to effortlessly obtain or duplicate your prepared paragraph for utilization elsewhere.


Powered by AI

The Paragraph Rewriter uses advanced AI language processing to rewrite any paragraph you provide. Thus, you can rewrite any paragraph in one click.


Avoid accidental plagiarism

Are you keen on having your document free from plagiarism? Along with our Paragraph Rewriter, which assists in rewriting sentences, quotes, or paragraphs appropriately, we recommend you to use our plagiarism-detection software to assure that your document is original and not copied.

Scribbr’s anti-plagiarism software enables you to:

  • Identify plagiarism with higher precision compared to other tools
  • Make sure that your rewritten paragraphs are authentic
  • Point out the references that closely match your text

Start for free

Who can use this Paragraph Rewriter tool?

Academic Students

Paragraph Rewriter can help students to understand texts and improve the quality of their writing.


Create original lesson plans, presentations, or other educational content.


Explain complex concepts or ideas to a wider audience.

News Editors

Quickly and easily rewrite text to avoid repetitive language.

Copy Writers

Writers who need to rewrite content, such as adapting an article for a different context or writing content for a different audience.

Digital Marketers

Our Paragraph Rewriter tool lets you quickly rewrite your original paragraph for each medium, ensuring you reach the right customers on each platform.

Rewrite paragraph online, for free

The Scribbr Paragraph Rewriter lets you rewrite as many paragraphs as you want—for free.

💶 100% free Rephrase as many paragraphs as you want
🟢 No login No registration needed
📜 Sentences & paragraphs Suitable for whole paragraphs
🖍️ Choice of writing styles For school, university, or work
⭐️ Rating 4.6 based on 12,836 reviews


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Frequently asked questions

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Is the Scribbr Paragraph Rewriter free?

Yes, the Scribbr Paragraph Rewriter is absolutely free to use. You can access its features and benefits without any cost. Enjoy rewriting your paragraphs effortlessly with our free tool!

Can the Scribbr Paragraph Rewriter improve the quality of my content?

Yes, our paragraph rewriter can enhance the readability and uniqueness of your content by providing alternative wording and sentence structures.

What other tools does Scribbr offer apart from the Paragraph Rewriter to enhance my content?

Alongside the paragraph rewriter, Scribbr offers a range of other tools designed to elevate your content such as the paraphrasing tool and grammar checker. In addition to that, we also provide tools such as a citation generator, plagiarism checker and more writing tools. These tools work together to ensure that your content is not only well-written and polished but also original, properly cited, and academically sound.