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The appearance of your text is just as important as the content. A clear structure and layout can help make a lasting impression.

Our Paper Formatting experts will ensure consistent formatting and adapt the following:

  • Table of contents and other lists
  • Page and heading numbering
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Font style, color, and size using style sheets
  • Formatting and labeling of tables and figures

Custom Formatting in Microsoft Word

Table of contents and other lists

We create automatic lists for content, figures, and tables for you.

Page numbering

Choose between Roman and Arabic page numbers and determine where they should start.

Consistent formatting of paragraphs

Line spacing, paragraph formatting, and potential indentations can be adjusted upon request.

Font type, color, and size based on style sheets

We create templates for headings, subtitles, and text for easy application.

Formatting and labeling of tables and figures

We arrange graphics in the text, label them, and create the indexes for them.


Which formatting style should you choose?

Every layout is individually adapted to your requirements. To best fit your needs, choose between the Scribbr-style formatting or the APA formatting.

If you choose the Scribbr-style formatting, we follow your individual desired requirements, and if you choose APA, we will follow the APA guidelines. If your university follows APA guidelines, check out our APA editing options.

For either option, your formatting expert will use smart formatting tools that will allow for easy adjustments later on. Our expert team edits several hundred pages each week, and can help you use Microsoft Word with ease. Choose the style that fits your needs, and we will do the rest!

Scribbr-style or APA Paper Formatting

Scribbr Paper Formatting

$1.95 per page

Choose this style for:

  • personalized formatting following your requirements
  • a clean and coherent layout
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APA Paper Formatting

$1.95 per page

Choose this style for:

  • formatting following APA 7th guidelines
  • learning from the edits your expert provides
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You will then receive the corrected and formatted document back from us.

“Always happy to do it again.”

I received excellent feedback in a timely manner. I incorporated most of the suggestions and changes both in regards to my paper’s layout, punctuation, and content. The team is super friendly and helpful and I highly recommend Scribbr’s service.

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Frequently asked questions

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What does the Scribbr-style Paper Formatting service include?

When performing the Scribbr-style Paper Formatting Service, your Scribbr expert will:

  • Make sure your formatting is consistent throughout the document, including:
    • Font type, size and color
    • Indentation of paragraphs
    • Line spacing
    • Text alignment
    • Spacing before and after a paragraph of headings
  • Add page numbers in either Arabic or Roman style
  • Add, remove, and/or fix heading numbering. This depends on your request.
  • Update or generate a Table of Contents
  • Update or generate a List of Tables and Figures
  • Check your captions for tables and figures, and automate them

The Scribbr-style Paper Formatting Service does not include the following:

  • Applying university guidelines from an additional document
  • Creating a title page from scratch
  • Editing the contents of tables. We can only check the format, not the content.
  • Creating the content of the captions for tables and figures.
  • Moving tables or figures around in the document

If you want to book the APA-style Paper Formatting service, please refer to this article.

What information do I need to provide for the Paper Formatting service?

The aim of the Paper Formatting service, both for Scribbr-style and APA-style, is to create a consistent layout that looks clean and coherent. To achieve this, we follow the information you provide during the upload process of your document, as well as standard academic guidelines.

To ensure that your formatting expert translates your wishes correctly, please indicate the following things in your booking:

  • The editing style (APA or Scribbr-style)
  • For Scribbr-style:
    • Font size and type
    • Line spacing
    • Paragraph indentation
    • Text alignment (left aligned or justified)
    • Format of page numbering (arabic or roman numbers)
    • If you want a Table of Contents, and/or a list of tables/figures

Please note that, for the APA style, we focus on checking and perfecting your document rather than implementing the style from scratch.

Which Paper Formatting style should I choose: APA or Scribbr-style?

Choose APA style, if you strictly want or need to follow APA guidelines. APA provides clear guidelines as to how to format a paper. Here’s an overview of this style:

  • APA is most frequently used by writers and students in social sciences, business, and nursing
  • Used in academic journals
  • You have limited options. For example:
    • the font must be selected from a specific list
    • the text must be left-aligned and double-spaced
    • headings must be formatted in a very specific way
    • tables have a set format
  • Edits are made with the track changes function, so you can learn from your formatting expert

Choose Scribbr-style, if you want our editors to tidy up your own formatting. Here’s an overview of this style:

  • This is a custom formatting style based on your preferences
  • You have the freedom to choose. For example:
    • pick your favourite font (type, size, colour)
    • justify your text
    • personalize your headings (size, colour, etc.)´
    • select a style for page numbering
  • Tables won’t be adjusted in content, but captions will be formatted
  • Edits are made directly without the track changes function
  • Read more about what this service includes, here.

Please note: If your paper mostly follows APA guidelines, but you want to tweak some elements (e.g., you want numbered headings), choose Scribbr-style.

Can I request Paper Formatting with guidelines from my university?

Yes, you can. We have made the upload process easy for your convenience.

During the upload process, we will ask you a number of questions about your requirements or wishes. All you have to do is select the option that you prefer. For example, we will ask you about your desired fonts, line spacing, indentation, page numbers, and more.

You have the choice of filling in individual preferences, or selecting “Scribbr can choose for me“. If you pick the latter, we will apply our default style to reach a clear and clean layout.

You also have the option to add additional thoughts and wishes into a separate text box.

Can Scribbr check only part of my paper when I purchase Paper Formatting?

This depends on your order. If you book the Paper Formatting service as a standalone service, you can indicate which pages you’d like to have formatted during the upload process.

If you book the Paper Formatting service together with the Proofreading & Editing service, we will format all the pages of your document.

Generally speaking, we recommend getting your entire document formatted, as our experts will make sure that the document is neat and consistent in its layout.