What information do I need to provide for the Paper Formatting service?

The aim of the Paper Formatting service, both for Scribbr-style and APA-style, is to create a consistent layout that looks clean and coherent. To achieve this, we follow the information you provide during the upload process of your document, as well as standard academic guidelines.

To ensure that your formatting expert translates your wishes correctly, please indicate the following things in your booking:

  • The editing style (APA or Scribbr-style)
  • For Scribbr-style:
    • Font size and type
    • Line spacing
    • Paragraph indentation
    • Text alignment (left aligned or justified)
    • Format of page numbering (arabic or roman numbers)
    • If you want a Table of Contents, and/or a list of tables/figures

Please note that, for the APA style, we focus on checking and perfecting your document rather than implementing the style from scratch.