Which Paper Formatting style should I choose: APA or Scribbr-style?

Choose APA style, if you strictly want or need to follow APA guidelines. APA provides clear guidelines as to how to format a paper. Here’s an overview of this style:

  • APA is most frequently used by writers and students in social sciences, business, and nursing
  • Used in academic journals
  • You have limited options. For example:
    • the font must be selected from a specific list
    • the text must be left-aligned and double-spaced
    • headings must be formatted in a very specific way
    • tables have a set format
  • Edits are made with the track changes function, so you can learn from your formatting expert

Choose Scribbr-style, if you want our editors to tidy up your own formatting. Here’s an overview of this style:

  • This is a custom formatting style based on your preferences
  • You have the freedom to choose. For example:
    • pick your favourite font (type, size, colour)
    • justify your text
    • personalize your headings (size, colour, etc.)´
    • select a style for page numbering
  • Tables won’t be adjusted in content, but captions will be formatted
  • Edits are made directly without the track changes function
  • Read more about what this service includes, here.

Please note: If your paper mostly follows APA guidelines, but you want to tweak some elements (e.g., you want numbered headings), choose Scribbr-style.