What does the Scribbr-style Paper Formatting service include?

When performing the Scribbr-style Paper Formatting Service, your Scribbr expert will:

  • Make sure your formatting is consistent throughout the document, including:
    • Font type, size and color
    • Indentation of paragraphs
    • Line spacing
    • Text alignment
    • Spacing before and after a paragraph of headings
  • Add page numbers in either Arabic or Roman style
  • Add, remove, and/or fix heading numbering. This depends on your request.
  • Update or generate a Table of Contents
  • Update or generate a List of Tables and Figures
  • Check your captions for tables and figures, and automate them

The Scribbr-style Paper Formatting Service does not include the following:

  • Applying university guidelines from an additional document
  • Creating a title page from scratch
  • Editing the contents of tables. We can only check the format, not the content.
  • Creating the content of the captions for tables and figures.
  • Moving tables or figures around in the document

If you want to book the APA-style Paper Formatting service, please refer to this article.