What kind of skills and knowledge do we test in the application?

We use the application to assess editors in six key areas:

  1. The application tests your knowledge of grammar, academic style and tone, and the conventions of both US and UK English. Successful applicants follow the related rules consistently and thoroughly.
  2. Incoming editors must also demonstrate their ability to preserve each student’s unique writing voice. Since we work with student papers, it’s important to stay on the right side of the line between editing and rewriting.
  3. Since the sample texts come from a variety of fields, the application also evaluates your familiarity with different types of academic writing, including technical writing.
  4. We also assess your ability to provide students with meaningful feedback on their writing. This feedback should be clear, polite, and appropriate to the student’s writing level.
  5. The application tests your ability to incorporate student requests into your edits and to answer students’ questions.
  6. Finally, the application tests your ability to work with Microsoft Word, including its Track Changes function.