Jobs in Restaurants & Bars

Many college students work as a waiter, hostess, cook or barista in restaurants and bars. It’s ideal because during daytime you can spend all your time studying while earning some money in the evenings and weekends. If you’re doing a great job, you can also earn excellent tips.

Retail Jobs

Another popular student job is working in stores. You can work as a cashier, salesperson or as a promoter to get customers into the store. The hours are often flexible and well paid. Especially when working in sales, you can even earn bonuses.

On-campus Jobs

If you prefer a job with less commuting, you can consider on-campus jobs such as library monitor, teaching assistant or peer tutor. Those kinds of jobs have a positive effect on your resume and are rather easy to get when you’re a college student.

Online Jobs

Probably the most flexible are online jobs. At the same time, you can earn lots of money by writing for blogs, performing data entry or virtual assisting. If you have a passion for language you can also apply as an editor at Scribbr! Of course, the downside is that you don’t have nice colleagues to have fun with.

Customer Service Jobs

Do you like the interaction with others? Then a job in customer service is probably something for you. You can work in a store, a call-centre, in merchandising or in a support role at various companies.



Freelance Student Jobs

If you are good at something and want to gain relevant working experience while expanding your network, freelance work is probably the right kind of job for you. You can quickly create a profile on several freelance platforms, list your skills and respond to new gigs.