Can Scribbr check only part of my reference list when I purchase Citation Editing?

Yes, you are able to indicate which sources in your reference list you would like us to check.

Please highlight the sources that you would like to have checked in yellow in the reference list in your Word document. This way, we know which sources to check.

Do keep in mind that:

  • We’ll only correct the sources that you ask us to check.
  • We’ll improve the format of your reference list. We’ll modify the font type, font size, indentation and line spacing of the complete list. Additional formatting that depends on the type of source (e.g. italicizing titles) will only be improved for the selected sources.
  • We will not check and correct the in-text citations. For us to properly correct the in-text citations, we need to crosscheck all sources in the reference list. Since we are not able to check all your sources, this is not possible.

Therefore, we recommend having your entire reference list checked.

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