The application process

1. Scribbr language quiz

To apply as a Scribbr editor, you first have to pass our language quiz below. Be careful not to underestimate its difficulty.

2. Scribbr application

Did you pass the language quiz? The next step is our test assignment. Prove that you have what it takes to edit for Scribbr.

3. Scribbr Academy

Start editing student orders. We’ll provide personalized coaching to ensure you’re ready to work independently.

4. Scribbr editor

Did you complete the Scribbr Academy? Congratulations! Welcome to our team of qualified Scribbr editors.

The Scribbr language quiz

Welcome to the first stage of the application process: the Scribbr language quiz. This is your chance to prove your language prowess. If you pass our quiz, then we will send you the application to become a Scribbr editor.

Before you begin, please review the role description, the application process and the minimum requirements. You can then start the quiz below. Good luck!

Minimum requirements

  • You are extremely knowledgeable about the English language;
  • You have an eye for spotting mistakes in texts, even in daily life;
  • You are responsive and are good at managing deadlines;
  • You have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher; and
  • You are available at least 10 hours per week.