Hers or *Her’s | Meaning, Spelling & Use

Hers is a third-person singular feminine possessive pronoun.

“Her’s,” written with an apostrophe, is sometimes mistakenly used instead of hers, but this is never correct. While possession is usually indicated by adding ‘s to the end of a word, possessive pronouns don’t take an apostrophe.

Examples: Hers and her’s in a sentence
  • That bag is her’s, not yours.
  • That bag is hers, not yours.
  • I have my ticket for the theater, but Lisa lost her’s.
  • I have my ticket for the theater, but Lisa lost hers.

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How to use Hers in a sentence

Hers is a feminine possessive pronoun used to indicate ownership of something by someone else. It’s closely related to the possessive determiner “her.” However, while “her” is always used along with a noun to indicate possession, hers is used in place of a noun.

    Examples: How to use hers in a sentence
    My hair is black, and hers is blonde.

    Her job is stressful but rewarding.

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