Travelling or Traveling | Difference & Example Sentences

Travelling and traveling are two different spellings of the present participle of the verb “travel” (and the identical gerund) meaning “move from one place to another” (typically over a long distance). The spelling tends to vary based on whether you’re writing UK or US English:

  • In UK English, “travelling” (double “l”) is standard.
  • In US English, “traveling” (one “l”) is correct.
Examples: Travelling and traveling in a sentence
Ava doesn’t like travelling/traveling by boat because she gets seasick.

If you’re travelling/traveling through Central Europe, you should visit Berlin.

Karen likes travelling/traveling by train because she enjoys watching the landscape go by.

I’m saving up for a trip because I realized travelling/traveling can be expensive.

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Travelling and traveling as adjectives

Travelling and traveling can also be used as adjectives to describe someone or something that moves from place to place.

Examples: Travelling and traveling as adjectives
My grandfather was a travelling/traveling salesman.

A travelling/traveling circus will visit the town next week.

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Travelled or traveled

Travelled and traveled are the past forms of the verb “travel.” The same spelling distinction applies to these past forms and to the nouns traveller and traveler:

  • In UK English, “travelled” and “traveller” are standard.
  • In US English, “traveled” and “traveler” are more common.
Examples: Travelling and traveling as adjectives
Alice travelled/traveled for three days before reaching her destination in the desert.

During my flight, I chatted with a fellow traveller/traveler.

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