Modelling vs. Modeling | Meaning, Spelling & Examples

Modelling and modeling are two different spellings of the present participle of the verb “model” (and the identical gerund) used to mean “display by wearing or posing” or to refer to the act of creating a representation or imitation of something.

The spelling tends to vary based on whether you’re using UK or US English:

  • In UK English, “modelling” (double “l”) is standard, but “modeling” (one “l”) is acceptable.
  • In US English, “modeling” (one “l”) is correct.
Examples: Modelling and modeling in a sentence
Ariana is modelling/modeling for a new fashion company.

Modelling/modeling auditions will be held in the local theater.

Isla’s research involves computational modelling/modeling.

Modelling/modeling is a very competitive industry.

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Modelled or modeled

Modelled and modeled are the past simple and past participle forms of the verb “model.” The same spelling distinction carries over to these past forms:

  • In UK English, “modelled” is more common.
  • In US English, “modeled” is correct.
Examples: Modelled and modeled in a sentence
Jesse modelled/modeled in college, albeit briefly.

I have some acting experience, but I’ve never modelled/modeled.

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Modeler or modeller

Modeler and modeller are nouns used to refer to someone who makes models (whether physical or abstract) or uses models to determine the implications of the information they provide.

Examples: Modeler and modeller in a sentence
Massimo is an avid modeller/modeler of miniature aircraft and other vehicles.

Kate is a numerical modeller/modeler whose research focuses on the erosion of the Earth’s surface.

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