Realise or Realize | Difference & Example Sentences

Realise and realize are two different spellings of the verb meaning “become aware” or “make real.” The spelling varies based on whether you’re writing UK or US English.

  • In UK English, “realise” (with an “s”) is more common.
  • In US English, “realize” (with a “z”) is the only correct spelling.
Examples: “Realise” and “realize” in a sentence
Jake didn’t realise/realize that he had left his wallet at home.

Clara wanted Paul to realise/realize he was mistaken.

Sierra hopes to realise/realize her dream of writing a novel.

The more goals you realise/realize, the more confident you’ll be.

While “realise” is more commonly used in UK English, note that Oxford style recommends “realize.” “Realize” is always used in US English.

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“Realising” or “realizing”

Realising and realizing are the present participle and gerund of the verb “realise/realize.” The same spelling distinction carries over to these forms, the past forms realised/realized, and the nouns realisation/realization.

  • In UK English, “realising,” “realised,” and “realisation” are commonly used.
  • In US English, “realizing,” “realized,” and “realization” are the only valid spellings.
Examples: Other forms of “realise/realize” in a sentence
Before realising/realizing the handbrake was on, Linda thought her car was stalled.

As I spoke to Peter, I realised/realized we hadn’t seen each other in almost 10 years.

Belle got angry once she came to the realisation/realization that she had been fooled.

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