What Does Indubitably Mean? | Definition & Examples

Indubitably is an adverb meaning “certainly” or “without doubt.” It’s related to the adjective “indubitable.”

The word is quite rare in modern English and comes across as very formal. It is most commonly used as an interjection in instances where someone is affecting snobbishness or being facetious.

Its opposite, “dubitably,” is even rarer.

Examples: “Indubitably” in a sentence
Karim is indubitably a charming man.

The actress is indubitably talented.

Hard work will indubitably pay off!


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Frequently asked questions

What are some synonyms for “indubitably”?

Some synonyms for “indubitably” include:

  • Absolutely
  • Certainly
  • Definitely
  • Indisputably
  • Undeniably
  • Undoubtedly
  • Unquestionably
  • Without a doubt
How do I pronounce “indubitably”?

Indubitably” has five syllables. It is pronounced with an emphasis on the second syllable: [in-doo-bit-uh-blee].

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