Example APA Style: Apps

The APA Style has specific rules for the reference of information from an app or mobile application software. In addition to the name of the person or entity that holds the rights for the app you also have to add in square brackets that it is a mobile application.

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Example APA Style: Software

According to the APA Style you don’t have to record ‘’standard software’’ like Microsoft Word, Java, Adobe Photoshop or SPSS, in your reference list.

If you use special software, you have to record it. In that case remember to record the reference using the correct APA Style.

When an individual person holds the rights for the software, the name of that individual is recorded as the author. Otherwise the software has to be handled as an unwritten document. In that case you can use the title of the software for the author’s name. If the software is online accessible, use the URL instead of the name of the publisher and the location.

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Influential academic journals

When writing your dissertation it is important that you use good and reliable sources. It is generally agreed upon that articles from most scientific journals are excellent sources for your dissertation, thesis or essay. But do you know what journals are the most credible?

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