Example APA Style: Blendle-article/ Newspaper article (internet)

In addition to printed articles there are a lot of articles, which are published online (for example via Blendle or the newspaper website). According to the APA Style an online newspaper article is cited in the same way as a normal internet source. You can find an example below.

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Example APA Style: Internet article

The APA has specific rules about how to cite an internet article. Remember to record the whole URL (www.scribbr.nl/easy/article) instead of just using the cover page (www.scribbr.nl).

Along with the author name and date, the in-text citation should include the page number. Many internet sources do not include a page number, in which case you should include the subheading (if applicable) and paragraph number from where the specific information cited has been taken. You do not need to include the subheading and paragraph number if the citation is referring to the article in general.

If you’re not referring to an article but you’re referring to a photo, video etc., you need to place the type of source in square brackets after the title.

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Influential academic journals

When writing your dissertation it is important that you use good and reliable sources. It is generally agreed upon that articles from most scientific journals are excellent sources for your dissertation, thesis or essay. But do you know what journals are the most credible?

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