Example APA Style: Interview

When referring to an interview, according to the APA Style, you have to take into account the following question: Is the interview part of the appendix? If so, you can just refer to the appendix. The APA Style does not apply here. If the interview cannot be found in the appendix, you can use the APA Style for ‘personal communication’.

The two options:

The interview is part of the appendix

When referring to an interview, you refer to the appendix in which the interview can be found.

Example: Referring to an interview in the appendix

According to person X (Appendix 1) is … .

An interview with person x shows that … (Appendix 1).

The interview is not part of the appendix

By using ‘personal communication’ you clarify that your documents (interviews) are not available to a third party. That also applies if you didn’t make a transcript of the interview. You still need to add ‘personal communication’.

Personal communication
APA-formatDon’t record in the referencelist
In referencelistDon’t record in the referencelist
In the text
  • In a conversation with the floor manager … (P. Bankers, personal communication, March 3, 2015).
  • P. Bankers (personal communication, March 3, 2015) suggested that the problem could be solved by … .
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