Example APA Style: Newspaper article (offline)

Newspaper articles can be published online as well as offline (printed). The APA Style reference for an online article is the same as the one for a normal internet source. To refer to a printed article the APA Style has specific rules.

Newspaper article (offline)
APA-formatAuthorLastName, FirstInitial. (YearOfPublication, Month Day). TitleArticle. NameNewspaper, p. pagenumber.
In referencelistWilford, J. N. (1969, July 21). Men walk on moon. Astronauts land on plain; collect rocks, plant flag. The New York Times, p. A1.
In the text
  • According to  news article ‘Men walk on moon’ … (Wilford, 1969).
  • Wilford (2015) suggested in the news article ‘Men walk on moon’ that … .
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