Example APA Style: YouTube

Information from YouTube- and Vimeo-videos can be useful for your dissertation. Remember to record these sources in the right APA Style.

If the real name of the user is unknown, you can use the username instead, without square brackets. If both names are known, real name and username, you can add the username in square brackets.

APA-formatAuthorLastName, FirstInitial. [ScreenName]. (Year, Month Day). TitleVideo [YouTube]. Retrieved from http://WebAdress
In reference listNeistat, C. [CaseyNeistat]. (2015, October 17). NEW CAR! [YouTube]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XqsJYk1-yM
In the text
  • According to the YouTube clip ‘NEW CAR!’ … (Neistat, 2015).
  • Neistat (2015) suggested in the YouTube clip ‘NEW CAR!’ that … .
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AppsBlendle-article/ Newspaper article (internet)
BookCommercial Radio/TV
Conference paperDictionary
Dissertation of another studentE-book
FacebookForum post
Internal documents (Intranet)Internet article
Lecture slides/ handoutsMovie/Documentary
Newspaper article (offline)Oration
Personal communicationPhoto/ Image
Press releaseRadio/Tv-show
Statistic databaseTwitter
Scientific (journal) article for publicationSurvey
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