Information page of the dissertation

The name information page actually says it all. On this page you note the title (and subtitle), plus important information about yourself (such as name, student administration number and email address), your supervisors and your educational program. You close with the date on which the dissertation is submitted.

Why an information page?

You can use an information page when the title page has, for example, a nice design and the extra information would then ruin your title page. Or you can use one when you want readers to focus on the title and not be distracted by the extra information.

Your educational program often provides guidelines on how the dissertation should be structured, and using an information page may be a requirement. These guidelines vary per program.

Example information page

We have created two examples of an information page with a title page in front of it, so that the difference between the two pages will be clear.

The examples are title pages generated in Word. Word has a number of standard title pages that you can add. You can also use pre-made pages for the information page.

Example 1: Title page and information page generated in Word

title page example dissertation

Example 1: Title page

information page dissertation example

Example 1: Information page

Example 2: Title page and information page generated in Word

title page dissertation example

Example 2: Title page

information page dissertation example

Example 2: Information page

You can use the same illustration for the title page and for the information page. But we do recommend only using an illustration on the title page. This way, you create a clear difference between the two pages.

Checklist: Information Page

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Well done!

Your information page should be perfect now! Use the other checklist to further improve your thesis.

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Possible extra information:

  • Address of internship.
  • Address of school.
  • Graduation period.
  • Information about confidentiality.
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